Living Hope Referrals
Ruby made the list!
July 17, 2006

I just wanted to let everyone know that Ruby's picture has been added to the Referrals page of the Living Hope Adoption Agency web site.  Since this information is not static (the pictures and family information is replaced when new referrals are received), I wanted to make sure a record of it was still available after the original page is updated.

The first picture is the Current Referral Group's information.  It shows the DTC group, the date the referrals were received, the number and average age of the children referred, the Province where the children are, and the name of the SWI (Social Welfare Institute) or CWI (Children's Welfare Institute).

The second picture is Ruby's referral picture (the one I like the best ;-) and information and also our family's information. 

A little tidbit of what may be coming in the next day or two - I just read that another agency provided their adoptive families with medical updates on their children from the same referral date and same SWI as Ruby.  Granted, there are no new pictures, but the information should allow us to better determine her current size and weight, and if there have been any changes in her medical history.  Hey, anything is better than nothing, I always say!  Stay tuned!