You first came to us in an envelope
With letters, forms and such
Just three tiny little pictures
With nothing warm to touch.
You grew in our imagination
In our hearts and in our minds.
You brought us greater joy
Than we ever thought we'd find.
A phone call started labor pains
Which lasted 'til we met
Strangers brought together
A day we won't forget.
You bloomed as you were planned
In our hearts, our lives, our home.
Our child of chance, of plan, of will
You're now our very own.

... Author Unknown

Our Dearest Daughter

Before you were born we loved you.
Before you were born we cared.
Before you were born your place in our hearts
Was already being prepared.

For us it seems like a lifetime,
Two years is a very long ride.
But for you it's been a lifetime,
With no Mom or Dad by your side.

The time grows short, we'll be there soon,
We're only a moment away.
A family we'll be, in just a short time,
It's almost Forever Day.