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Taken 1/21/2006 at the "Princess Party", Jada's 3rd Birthday Party along with Abbey Grace Laughlin, Madison Ferguson, and Anna Cole. Taken 2/12/2006 while “tubing” at a local elementary school after the first measurable snowfall of the winter. This was taken before church on 3/12/2006.  It was a beautiful day and Jada looked beautiful in her new dress. This was taken after church on Easter Sunday, 4/16/2006.
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Taken 5/7/2006 at Myrtle Beach, SC during a weekend getaway.  Jada had a wonderful time and there were SO MANY great pictures to choose from to feature here. Taken 6/25/2006 before church.  Jada and I went for a short walk through the woods beside our house and I got this great shot.  She is SO photogenic! This pensive shot was taken before Sunday night church on 7/30/2006. This picture was taken on a trek through the woods beside our house on 8/11.
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Taken 9/16/2006 at a Tennessee football game party. Florida won 21-20. Ugh! Taken 10/14/2006 at Myer's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Greeneville, TN. Taken 11/10/06 at the Exchange Place near Kingsport. Taken 12/13/2006 in preparation for her 4th Birthday "Snowman" party.
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