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Well, we have been back home for almost 3 months now... the most exciting 3 months of my life.  Jada is the most awesome little person I have ever seen.  She is smart, funny, energetic, sweet, and amazingly, seems to love her Dad just a little. (That would be me)  Did I mention she was energetic???

I have been taking pictures every chance I get and there seems to be a never ending supply of chances.  I'm just glad she isn't camera shy!

This table shows pictures from when we first got home on 12/13/2003 through 3/10/2004.

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Jada has grown SO MUCH in the past few months.  She is a blessing each and every day.  She is talking up a storm and she seems to get agitated when sometimes we can't understand what she means.  She is hilariously funny and simply LOVES to make people laugh.  She also likes having her picture taken.  This works out good for me since I love taking pictures of her.

Here are some more pictures I have been saving in a temporary page.  There are some of the latest ones we have of Jada near the end of the table.